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Sırma Güven, Founder The Kitchen Project, Educator, Author

Founder The Kitchen Project (Turkey), Educator, Author

Upon completing “Occupational French” at Nantes University CIEP, and CLA Besançon started studying “Terminology of Gastronomy” and “French Cuisine” at the university in İzmir, Turkey. She received training experience at Institut Paul Bocuse with a scholarship provided by ERASMUS Teaching Mobility Program. Güven, who completed her graduate studies on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management for the Foodpreneur”, leads many international projects regarding innovative, creative urban planning and gastronomy tourism. Paul Bocuse & Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaise has awarded Güven for her studies with an “Honorary Diploma”.

During his 15-year academic career, she contributed to many books by preparing chapters and content for magazines.

In 2018 Sirma Güven left her academic career and started her own business as a consultant for food entrepreneurs and as a developer of national or international innovative gastronomic and gastronomic tourism projects. She is, also, the Izmir representative for “Delice Network - Network of the Good Food Cities of the World” and Méditéa for sharing and promotion of the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean countries.




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