Menus of Change®: The Business of Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food Choices

Together, the CIA and Harvard Chan School have developed a toolkit for discerning fact from fiction when it comes to studies related to optimal food choices. Use this resource to understand what can go wrong and what quality markers to look for when evaluating the latest scientific publication.

We also invite you to find the Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus, our 2018 Menus of Change Annual Report, a collection of infographics and white papers–including The Protein Flip and Protein Plays–and our regular editorial updates.

We hope you will use these and the other resources to share the Menus of Change insights with your peers, your staff, and anyone interested in a healthier, more sustainable future for the foodservice industry.

If you have suggestions for future resources, be sure to share them with us through social media using #CIAMOC or e-mail them directly We also want to hear your stories of how you’ve used these resources to inform a key decision in your business. The most compelling case studies will be featured in next year’s annual report, so be sure to submit your story!