Scientific and Technical Advisory Council

TMC is forming a Scientific and Technical Advisory Council (STAC) under the leadership of the prestigious doctor Ramon Estruch (Senior Consultant at the Internal Medicine Department of the Hospital Clinic, Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at the Barcelona University and among many other research endeavors, coordinator of the PREDIMED). The council will include scientists and other technical experts from all over the Mediterranean, the U.S., and other countries.


TMC will work to conduct food studies, field research within the Mediterranean region, capture best practices, and foster innovation around especially the plant-forward core of the Mediterranean Diet that is disappearing even within the Mediterranean region, and share that learning globally through various digital media and social media platforms, academic journals, and other publications.


Research at the TMC will consider the past, present and future of the Mediterranean diet in a broad, multi-disciplinary context, with specific attention being given to those fields relating to nutrition and health, gastronomy, sustainability, new food technologies and experiences, the characteristics of production and the region’s elements of culinary culture and anthropology.

Background material will be available soon.




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