The development of the Torribera Mediterranean Center and its programs are guided by three stakeholder advisory councils: leading scientists and technical experts from around the world (Scientific and Technical Advisory Council, STC); chefs, food critics, regional cooks, food studies scholars, and other food and drink experts (Culinary and Foods Studies Council, CFSC); and representatives of top Mediterranean institutions, companies, and producers in agriculture, food, beverage, public health, and other hospitality disciplines (Business Leadership and Innovation Council, BLIC).

The STC and CFSC review and provide input on the curriculum; some of their members also teach in the master's degrees or concentration program, and participate in TMC seminars and conferences. Members of all three councils can also develop joint research projects that combine nutrition and health, sustainability, food experience design, and food preference and food behavior change.

With this three-council strategy, TMC integrates the work of three stakeholder communities in transferring research and dietary guidance through the chefs and food experts into business and industry, together with affiliated governments, NGOs, foundations, and other organizations.