Academic Programs

The Torribera Mediterranean Center offers two master's degrees, with classes beginning on September 30 (enrollment opens April 8): Mediterranean Diet: Food, Health, and Nutritional Gastronomy, in English, for students pursuing careers in nutrition, medicine, public health, and public policy as well as mid-career professionals working in these same areas. And Dieta Mediterránea: alimentación, cultura e innovación culinaria, in Spanish, for students pursuing careers in the culinary arts, hospitality, food and beverage business/management,journalism and communications, food studies, and related fields, as well as mid-career professionals working in these same fields.

These groundbreaking master's degrees connect the scientific evidence behind the Mediterranean Diet with its implementation, whether it is so that dietary advice given to patients includes how to follow its principles and why, or so that culinary professionals can create restaurant and packaged dishes that are more sustainable and healthier.

TMC academic programs include both a scientific and theoretical component and a more practical one in the kitchen, using the inherentculinary strategies of the traditional Mediterranean Diet to enhance food choices and dietary patterns for all.