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The Torribera Mediterranean Center is a Barcelona-based, Mediterranean-wide academic center that addresses vital public health and sustainability issues through expanded academic, professional, and business collaborations. It aims to advance adoption of Mediterranean dietary patterns in restaurants and foodservice, in food manufacturing, and at home. TMC connects cutting-edge food and nutrition research with culinary, agricultural, and business innovation to translate scientific evidence into action. It is open to Mediterranean, European and other international partners.

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New CIA-IOCC white paper about olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet: Olive Oil is Key to Promoting Plant-Forward Diets

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), in conjunction with the International Olive Council (IOC), have published a white paper laying out a series of strategies to promote consumption of olive oil and plant-forward diets around the world. The paper was presented at a conference this summer. More information here.

The Torribera Mediterranean Center organized programs to promote the Mediterranean diet

Throughout April and May, the Torribera Mediterranean Center organized programs to promote the well-established scientific evidence between the Mediterranean diet and health. The programs, aimed at students, professors, and professionals, included the seminar “The Mediterranean Diet: Your Health, Your Plate,” which took place at the Torribera Food Campus of the University of Barcelona on May…

New collaboration in the Food and Nutrition Campus between the UB and Santa Coloma de Gramenet

The rector of the UB, Joan Elias, and the mayor of Santa Coloma de Gremenet, Núria Parlon, as president of the company Gameimpuls, have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of activities of the Torribera Mediterranean Center (TMC), a center of the UB and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), recently created. Located in…


“While the Torribera Mediterranean Center will have a strong, physical presence here at the University of Barcelona, the work of the center will embrace the entire Mediterranean Basin and will have impacts internationally, as we work with other collaborators to enhance the health and sustainability of global food systems and dietary patterns. At the same time, working with our colleagues at The Culinary Institute of America, we have to redouble our efforts to preserve this gift of heritage that is the Mediterranean Diet, for this and future generations worldwide.”

Dr. Joan Elias Garcia  |  Rector, Universitat de Barcelona

“The traditional Mediterranean Diet is the most heavily researched and documented cultural model for healthy eating. This ground-breaking academic center will, for the first time, bring together academics, chefs, other professionals, and business leaders from around the world to accelerate positive impacts tied to this delicious UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. As part of our continuing global outreach, we are honored to co-launch this partnership with the University of Barcelona to underscore the enhanced role that interdisciplinary scholarship, translational research, and marketplace innovation needs to play in advancing healthy, sustainable food choices.”

Dr. Tim Ryan  |  President, The Culinary Institute of America